Tracy Guerra is an awesome Attorney!

He helped me get rid of a tenant much quicker than other firms I’ve gone to in the past.

I really liked the fact that everytime I called I talked to someone who was able to help me and give me status of my case. His staff is friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend his services. He is quick to answer any questions you have and has vast legal knowledge of eviction procedures and rules. He definitely impressed me at trial. I will definitely be using his services next time I have an eviction.

Ruben P.

Long Beach, CA

Mr. Guerra is my most trusted attorney. I had a tenant in Sacramento that was a professional rental scammer. I tried using a local attorney but after three months I had received no rent and there was no action on the eviction. I had worked with Mr. Guerra when I lived in Long Beach. I turned to Mr. Guerra and even though the eviction was out of the area he took the case on. He worked with a local attorney for all the court paperwork. Within three week I received some of the back rent and a signed agreement to vacate the premises. Mr. Guerra is a smart and effective attorney.

Tim S

Sacremento, CA

I’ve used several of the firms advertised in the apartment association magazine with disappointing results. ASAP evictions took over a couple messed up evictions, resolved them quickly, and has since handled a half dozen others with great results.

We took over a building that had had some very bad (gang) folks in it, and with Tracy’s help the building has been cleaned up and the tenant mix has been dramatically improved. He and his staff were helpful and informative, and provided regular updates on the status of each of our cases.

Lets face it, the unlawful detainer process is a mess, due to screwed up CA liberal politics – apparently these folks believe landlords don’t deserve to be paid for providing safe and clean housing to freeloading tenants. Yet these same folks want to use the tax revenue from the property and income taxes landlords pay to fund their wasteful, bloated gov’t spending.

Tracy works within the existing legal framework to help landlords regain possession of their property from parasites that don’t pay rent….and make housing more expensive for everyone.

Jeff T

Long Beach, CA

“Tracy was the best and gave great advise — for free! Plus had the lowest prices for an eviction!!! I made many phone calls inquiring about my deadbeat roommate that was not paying me rent on time. I needed info on eviction, or any suggestions to get her to pay or get her out. After speaking with lawyers with bad attitudes for days, and frustrated even more with their very negative scenarios about deadbeat roommates… just to frighten me into hiring them, Tracy was the opposite. He was extremely helpful. Never went on about how it could take 3 months to get her out… Never spoke of bad scenarios just to scare me into hiring him. I phoned a few times and emailed. He was extremely polite and prompt with his email replies. His advise was free and helped get her out in a week. He never had a bad attitude like all the others I spoke to. I never had to call on lawyers for advise. I could not believe the terrible attitudes they had when you needed free advise. Tracy was very nice, patient, polite and prompt!!!! I would recommend him highly.”

Candyce R

Huntington Beach, CA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Guerra for many, many years. I was one of his original clients when he first opened his law practice. He is very intelligent, hard working, and professional. ASAP evictions is the only eviction service I use because I know that they will do exemplary work at a very reasonable price. I would recommend this service without reservation.”

Jim R.

Long Beach, CA

“I’ve been in the Property Management Industry for over 30 years in the South Bay area. In that time frame I had been to court hundreds of times for evictions. The Law Offices of Tracy Guerra and ASAP Evictions has always been professional in handling all my evictions and tenant issues in a timely manner, following through all the way to lockout. As a Property Supervisor for one of the largest Property Management companies in Long Beach we have chosen to use Tracy Guerra’s services for our unlawful detainers, and also to counsel us in any tenant related matters that arise. The staff has always been helpful and courteous.”

Sylvia P

Torrance, CA

“I have been using ASAP EVICTIONS for three years now and filed at least 10 cases with this office. Mr Guerra is a good man and a great attorney, he was always able to negotiate and settle most of my cases toward my benefits and the ones we had to fight I have not lost one case I have dealt with other offices before, and you never get to contact an attorney directly, but Mr Guerra would always email me back with his advice. Another person I also want to mention is Richard, he’s one dedicated employee who always on top of everything and would call me with updates on my cases. I am very please with ASAP EVICTIONS services and will continue to use them in the future.”

Nina D.

Fountain Valley, CA

“Hello all, I don’t typically write reviews but I have to admit they are what I read before buying a product or solicit a service. I called three other attorneys regarding my tenant eviction in Lakewood. I even contacted my former attorney who did a previous eviction a few years ago. The previous attorney wanted all the money up front which included the costs of additional services that might not be needed (court appearance, sheriff lockout costs). Mr. Guerra’s office only charged for services rendered to get the eviction started. I paid as the process proceeded.

After engaging with Mr. Guerra, I was told what the time line would be and how the system works. I had to make a court appearance in which an attorney representing Mr Guerra accompanied me into court in front of the judge. Very straight forward; yes or no questions. I easily won the judgment (it all comes down to the rental agreement). My case ended up going all the way until a day before the lockout before settling. I don’t think this is common but it worked out good for me (albeit stressful). Mr. Guerra assisted me all the way through the agreement drafting the needed stipulation for my settlement; the day I requested it from him it was done!

All-in-all Mr. Guerra and his team delivered exactly what they promised. They were very professional and timely I spoke to Mr. Guerra probably 5-6 limes within a couple of months, not to mention his staff as needed. Every time I called and asked to speak with Mr. Guerra, he picked up the phone! Every time! Emails were also answered in a timely manner When does that ever happen? I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend The Law Office of Tracy Guerra to any friend or family, 🙂
Good luck with your situation'”

Greg S.

Oceanside, CA

“I am from out of state and needed an attorney to handle an eviction. I found Tracy on the internet. When I called, his staff d very helpful. Not knowing anything about the quality of his service I decided to take a chance on him. Wow, I couldn’t have made a better choice. It started with an easy eviction but due to my tenant quickly became a nightmare. My tenant contested the eviction and filed a lawsuit in Federal Court. Tracy worked with me by negotiating with my tenant until there was an amicable solution. His fees are very reasonable I can tell you that I got more than my Moneys worth. You won’t be sorry if you hire The Law Offices of Tracy Guerra. Thanks Again Tracy, S Surnmy.”

Shirley S.

Las Vegas, NV